Patterson SD, Hughes L, Head P, Warmington S, Brandner C.

BJSM editorial blood flow restriction


Effect of practical blood flow restriction training during Bodyweight exercise on muscular strength, hypertrophy and function in adults: a randomised controlled trial.

Head P, Austen B, Browne D, Campkin T, Barcellona M.

Background/Aims: Practical blood flow restriction training (PBFRT) is a novel method of resistance exercise that has been proposed to increase muscular strength and hypertrophy at lower intensities than is currently recommended in guidelines for resistance training. This study aimed to investigate whether practical, inexpensive elastic wraps for PBFRT during a 6-week bodyweight resistance training programme increases lower limb muscular strength, hypertrophy and function.
Methods: This study was designed as a parallel, single-blind, randomised controlled trial. Young men and women were randomised to either the PBFRT (n=7; 2 males and 5 females) or control (n=5; 2 males and 3 females) group. The intervention was a single leg squat (SLS) bodyweight resistance exercise to fatigue, twice a week for 6 weeks. The PBFRT group performed the SLS exercise with an elastic wrap around their proximal thigh at a perceived tightness of 7/10, and the control group at a perceived tightness of 0/10. The following outcomes were then measured: knee extensor concentric, eccentric and isometric strength (dynamometer), thigh girth and single leg vertical jump height.
Results: There were no significant differences between groups (PBFRT and control) for all outcome measures assessed from baseline to post-intervention testing.
Conclusion: This study demonstrated that the use of PBFRT in conjunction with an SLS bodyweight resistance exercise was not effective at increasing lower limb muscular strength, hypertrophy and function.
Key words: Blood flow restriction training, Resistance exercise, Bodyweight exercise, Hypertrophy
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IJTR Practical Bloodflow Restriction Training RCT

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